The Tech Diva


My name is Kymberly and I am your digital real estate agent, tech diva, and self-proclaimed Wonder Woman.

As a web strategist and coach.I have worked with small businesses and solopreneurs for over 10 years, helping them grow their presence on the web. My passion is providing services to those like myself who are trying to build successful businesses.

As I evolve as a business owner and truly understand my purpose, I continue to grow my brand; Wonderfully Made.


Wonderfully Made is a web design and branding agency. I love working with E-commerce businesses, Coaches, and Fitness experts to showcase their products and services on the web. We work best with helping our clients build their brand and also transition from a tech-shabby website to a tech-savvy website!

In 2021, I am walking in my Glow Up, preparing for my Blow Up!

Wonderfully Made is derived from the biblical scripture, Psalm 139:14 "I am fearfully and wonderfully made". It is my goal to live up to the name of my business by providing my clients with products they can be proud of that represent themselves and their business.

Lead Creator, Owner